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Arrow [README] Arispotle Game and Forum guidelines

InGame Policies

If you would like to make a complaint regarding one of the rules below being broken, you can send an in-game ticket (this is the preferred option), contact CSR directly via ingame tell, or through the CeB (/supportChat), or by sending the information in an email to: [email protected] . Make sure to take screenshot(s) showing the alleged infraction to serve as proof (chat logs by themselves are not considered proof.) The screenshot(s) must be unmodified and attached as jpg or png. Please note that some email clients will insert images "inline" if you just drag&drop them into your message - if this happens then the image will be too small for us to read and we may ask you to resend it.

Before making a complaint you should, where possible, make an effort to resolve the matter equitably with the other party. Only if there is no way you can come to a compromise or solution, should you contact the CSR team. We are all courteous and civilized people.

Please note the following:
- Screenshots are required as proof for all infractions.
- Any and all actions taken are done so at the discretion of the CSR on duty.
- This list is not exhaustive; the Code of Conduct (CoC), End User License Agreement (EULA), and other Terms of Service (ToS) found here apply as always.
- We will not discuss the details of any sanctions imposed against a player, except with that player.
- Many of the issues outlined here are not simple "black and white" cases; this means that some incidents may need to be discussed privately amongst the CSR team before any action is taken.
- All of the points relating to Outpost battles and PvP in general are intended to allow you a suitable level of flexibility in your choices of tactics when attacking, while still preserving the right OP owners have to not be harassed.

  1. Exploiting:

    Using a third-party program or taking advantage of a bug in the game in order to gain an advantage over other players, or profiting from anything that is not provided by the game or the game mechanics either for personal or other use, is considered a exploit. Upon finding an exploit, you can contact us via the means described above. Note that this rule is a direct consequence of the CoC and so any breaches will be dealt with severely.

  2. Aggro Dragging:

    Aggro dragging is defined as the action of intentionally getting one or more mobs to attack another player or group of players and is not tolerated under normal circumstances (see below).
    If you are a victim of this, please first contact the player in question via a /tell and ask for a rez. This will give an indication as to whether or not it was intentional; if it was indeed intentional you can contact us via the means described above.

  3. Boss Spawn Camping:

    The rule for this is simple: first come, first served. Boss lookouts etc. can not claim "ownership" of the boss as it is impossible for them to solo.

  4. Bosses/Named:
    1. A Boss or Named "belongs" to the first person or group with a significant chance or success who pull the mob or its Guards/Minions. If another team tries to take over a Boss kill in any way (for exceptions see point b.) while the first group has already started the encounter and is still actively pursuing it, it is considered kill stealing and not tolerated.

    2. A Boss is considered free if all players who were engaging the boss are dead (by the Boss' or Named's Guards, Minions, by Faction, Zone, OP PvP, etc ...)

      It is allowable for a Boss or Named to be engaged by a single character (i.e. without that character having a team helping.) However, this will be handled with common sense, as it is clear that, for example, a character engaging a level 250 Boss has no chance of killing it solo. Whether or not the engagement is be considered possible is at the discretion of the CSR.

  5. Harassment/Profanity:

    Harassment/Profanity includes: insulting, RL threats, sending in unjustified ticket or tickets sent purely for self-interest, harassment on a chat channel. (As with the rest of this document, this list is not exhaustive). If you are a victim of this and your requests for the other player/s to stop are ignored, please contact the CSR (see above) before the situation escalates unnecessarily. Adding screenshots of conversations/chats so that we can check the validity of the complaint is mandatory. Don't forget that is always the option to put a player on your ignore list.

  6. Kill Stealing:

    When a player or team starts chasing a mob, or is working a spawn and another player or team kills the mob or spawn before the first player/team has had time to kill, is considered kill stealing.
    Try to work out the situation with the other player(s) before contacting CSR, for instance by dividing up a spawn.

    In cases of Boss/Named kill stealing, be advised that the "first come, first serve" rule applies and that any PvP action (OP, Faction and Zone) take precedence (In other words, being killed by PvP while engaged in a Boss/Named encounter is allowed.) (See paragraphs 4 and 7.)

  7. PvP :

    Generally speaking, engaging in PvP (Faction, Zone, OP, etc) indicates that you accept the consequences. If you do not want to take part in any PvP action you should refrain from opening yourself to it (by not tagging or going into the PvP Zones and OP battles.)

    The rule here is simple: You activated the tag, and a PvP attack is valid against this tag whatever the circumstances.

    If after activating your tag, you no longer want to fight, you have the means. eg: run, wait and detag, hide, use a TP, change region, etc..

  8. General Outpost Rules:
    1. No CSR will be present at outpost battles under normal circumstances.
    2. If you are stuck in a region where an outpost battle takes place, mention it when you make contact with a CSR. If there is someone available to handle the problem, you will be assisted. If you happen to become stuck in the combat zone you should use a TP pact to free yourself. This, however, is unlikely to occur.
    3. Anything that falls into the normal mechanics of the game is allowed in combat zones on condition that all those concerned are tagged for PvP.

      This means that:
      • If you bring a mektoub packer into the combat zone, you expose them to the risks of battle.
      • Spawn camping is practically impossible because of the safe zone around them, and does therefore not exist. If you die and the enemies are near the respawn point, you must either wait in the safe zone and de-tag or choose another respawn point or TP to rejoin the battle.
      • A non-tagged player may not interfere in the battle by aggro dragging, heal soaking or any other method. If you witness this happening, take a screenshot and report it to the CSRs.
    4. The Specifically Prohibited Actions described below apply equally to a single guild or an alliance of guilds acting in concert.
    5. The Specifically Prohibited Actions described below apply both singularly and in combination with each other.

  9. Specifically Prohibited Actions:
    1. "Blocking" - Declaring on your own OPs or those of any other guild (usually your allies), or causing any other guild (usually your allies) to declare on your OP or OPs, for the purposes of preventing others from declaring on them is specifically prohibited as an exploit. Handing over an OP to a friendly guild is permitted. Doing so soley for raising the threshold, however, is prohibited. Also, it is forbidden to do hand over an OP multiple times in succession, in which case it will be considered blocking.
    2. "Repeated Fake Declarations" - Declaring repeatedly on the same OP, or a group of similarly owned OPs, and then not attending a significant number of the battles with sufficient players to provide you with a significant chance of success* in reaching the threshold if no defending players had attended is specifically prohibited as harrassment.
    3. "Multiple Declarations" - Declaring on multiple OPs at the same time, or on the same day, and then not attending at least one of the battles with sufficient players to provide you with a significant chance of success* in reaching the threshold if no defending players had attended is specifically prohibited as harrassment.

    *) The decision whether or not there was a "significant chance of success" lies solely with the CSR team.

    Note : If you think that your guild may be accused of one of these Specifically Prohibited Actions, then take a screenshot showing the number of people you have brought with you to attack an OP so that you can provide it to the CSRs if requested.

  10. "Language":

    Whether under the guise of RP or not, it is forbidden to use foul, obscene or insulting language. Mockery, even if implicit, may if serious enough, also be considered insulting. The CSR team has the discretion to decide whether or not any language is allowed.
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Re: [README] Arispotle Game and Forum guidelines

Forum Guidelines

In order to make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible, please take your time to read through this document.

  • Please remember the golden rule: To treat other forum users the way you would like to be treated yourself. Please use common courtesy, and enjoy using the official Ryzom message boards.
  • This forum's readers include people from many different cultures with their own standards and forms of communication. Take into account possible misunderstandings – on your own part or someone else's – even when statements seem straightforward. Try to assume an attitude of mutual respect, listening, and learning. Also keep in mind that many participants are not reading and writing in their first languages. However, please feel free for a lively and engaged discussion.
  • Do not flame or insult another user; such messages will always be edited out and are subject to deletion. Out of courtesy to other users, do not post random off-topic messages, especially in any given thread.
  • Cite as little as possible from previous messages - When you respond to a message using the "quote" feature, the entire original message automatically appears in your text window. We request that you delete all passages from the original message, with the exception of those to which you are directly responding. This means that readers who are reading through an entire thread will not have to suffer through lengthy repetitions.

Message Board Courtesy Policy

Code of conduct and in game Courtesy Policy apply to the Message Board Courtesy Policy.
  • You should be clear, civilized and polite.
  • You may not make multiple postings about the same subject in order to gain attention.
  • You may not post topics which are out of the context of the thread or forum.
  • You may not do any kind of advertising for any product or service other than Ryzom.
  • You may not attack or insult other players.

The Code of Conduct, containing further rules & policies which also apply to this message board, can be found here http://www.ryzom.com/en/policies.html
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