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Old September 24th, 2009, 03:24 PM   #2
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Re: Personal Notes about Ring Bugs / missing Features

It would come in extremely handy to have a "command tracker" so to speak.
Something that tracks what command/condition whatever you set and where.
Like a math-tree, which follows and displays the paths of your commands to the ring, so you´re able to spot dead branches or missing commands faster.

For example:
If I tell NPC 1 to do Action 1 if NPC 2 is finished with Action 2, this should be displayed either graphically, or just as a line of commands for a start, in a sepearte window, to easier find bugs in the programming. Once the actions get more and more complicated.

My worst problem with the Ring atm is that I can´t work continually at a scenario and I tend to loose track of actions and commands and so forth rather quickly. So I tried to build myself a chart with all actions of NPCs and stuff "preset" as to remember who does what when.

Its a start, but actually IN the Ring I still tend to loose track and get confused by the simple mass of things to keep track of once the Scenario gets bigger. Which disheartens me quite severely from using the ring.

So it would be a great treat to have something actually DO the tracking for me. And I think others would really appreciate this too

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