Introducing Xaphon Zessen

Hello there everyone! Xaphon Zessen here, but you can all call me Xap if you like! For those of you who don't know me, I just recently got promoted to the rank of reporter for the Atys Chronicles and took a trip around Atys with the help of some fine homins. In case you missed my previous announcements, I'll give you a quick recap so you get to know me a bit better...
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Ghost Story - And the Story Ends Part 2

He was just standing there, watching me. A shadow above me. His dark armour barely silhouetted against the other shadows surrounding us. Only the bright skin of his face stood in harsh contrast to the darkness around. Anger was in his eyes.

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The Search for Ryzom

Komissar is a proud matis, an active karavaneer-healer, an officer and bard of The Order of the Nameless guild.
He serves his land, his faction and his family (guild) with all the fire of his soul, the skill of his 100/100 healing amps, and his talent. Here is Komissar's latest ballad.



Tis true that I have traveled far and wide,
Imagination was my only guide.
And every world that I have ever passed
A million and one reflections cast.
The creatures took bizarre and crazy shapes,
The men I've met – unique was every face.
Before my eyes eternal soul itself
Went through a metamorphosis. I have
Partaken in the downfall of kings,
I have destroyed the master of the rings,
I have repelled the might of goblin hordes,
I have invented runes and magic words.
But though I was quite free to place my throne,
I had no home, no friends, I was alone.

But thank the Gods my search proved a success,
Cause finally I chanced upon a place
Where I am whole, my spirit soars free,
For I, at last, have found a family
And friendly faces share my joy and grief
We have our land, ideals to believe
And real foes, whom we can just forgive
And heal their wounds, and let them go in peace.
And every spring the mighty blossom-trees
Make souls sing and leave us stronger, wiser
In this enchanting land
The world of Ryzom

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