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tip: creating alts with inherited interface

I'm the sort of gamer that tweaks the hotkeys and such for almost everything... I like all my key actions to be on the home keys for my left hand, for example. If I had to recreate all those changes to the UI by hand, using the in-game tools provided, it would be extremely time-consuming and downright vexing. Fortunately, there's a much simpler solution - and my apologies to the original poster, if this has been posted before:
  • in ryzom, create your alt so you know what their name will be (obviously many of the ones you might want are taken). Once created, exit the game.
  • from your desktop, navigate to the "save" subdirectory of your ryzom game folder.
  • right click and drag the .icfg and keys_ xml folder corresponding to your main character, and create copies of both in the same directory. In my case, I would end up with "copy of keys_keoni" and "copy of interface_keoni.icfg".
  • rename those two files to correspond to your newly-created character. For example, "copy of keys_keoni" becomes "keys_hathor".
  • restart the game and your alt will have all the same keyboard shortcuts, macros, and window layouts you used in your main character.
As an added bonus - your new character also has all the map flags that your main had planted. Shiny!

I hope this helps someone, somewhere, somewhat Be well & bright blessings everyone...
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