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Why I Choose Karavan

I started playing Ryzom in November of 2004. In December of 2004 it was pretty clear to me that this game was about rival factions, (it was also mentioned on the box) and different visions for the future of the same planet and that eventually the conflict would force everyone to choose a side.

For a year I remained neutral, mainly because there was nothing going on. The factions were still rather poorly defined and there was not a great deal of information on either. AA was an original member of HOPE (an old neutral alliance), we even wrote a good bit of its charter. Atys began to change. I saw that war was coming and a side must be chosen. Sitting on the sidelines was not an option, it would have been the equivalent of abandonment. I felt the developers had made it pretty clear that neutrals would be an rp stance and not a viable functional alternative.

I know alot more of the Lore now then I did then. There is also alot more lore available. This post is about making that choice so I am trying to stick with what I knew at that time.

When I first started playing both factions worshiped Jena. Ma-duk was not a god but was referred to as the soul stealer, the deceiver. That lore has been removed, I can not find it anywhere. What I can still find in the lore is that the first appearance of Ma-Duk to a Homin occurred less then 50 Jena years ago.

At that point only the Kami had harmed Homin's. Kami loved to blast the pud out out of diggers. Kami tolerance was a great deal lower. They would not only force the digger to respawn they would get everyone in a 25 meter radius or so.

Kami forces actually attacked the first religious ceremony of the Karavan where the Jena commandments were revealed. This spoke volumes to me about how they viewed the world. I spent a great deal of time reading and interpreting the Jena Commandments. I found them far superior to the xenophobic and intolerant revelations of Ma-duk. Homins are not native to Atys so according to Ma-duk we must be transformed or destroyed.

So I went Karavan.


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