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Why I chose Neutral

The thread that was supposed to be for everyone helping others understand why they chose what they chose has wandered and the Kami and Karavan peeps failed to post in the right thread, instead making their own, so I think this is needed. I've just C&Ped my answer, other 'neuts' can do the same. Probably a good idea for people who are factioned only for the TPs to speak up here too.
Hopefully Marjo will still be paying attention if it continues calmly :P A thread lock was the only indication anyone was paying attention.

So I d like you Neutrals to explain to me why you decided to stay Neutral ;

What does it add to your RP stance?

This really combines with your third question so the answers will, in some respects, look similar.

What it adds, or should add, is freedom. A cardinal point of Ryzom's appeal on every level. At least if you believe the blurb

It better reflects the Fyros (and Tryker) spirit than the more extremist view of joining a faction, and thus fits me better. It fits the (lore informed) background and in game history and experience of my character.

That's the short version, but as I say, it combines with your third question.

It's the best stance for a mercenary, even a principled one.

How come you feel like you can only go this way?

The Kami faction isn't played as extremists as much as the Karavan faction but the Kami themselves are somewhat sinister, completely hypocritical and have also completely failed to do anything to stand up for their people. (If they REALLY didn't want those Kara drills on their land you'd think they'd let off a few 6k explosions at OP battles or prevent the OPs being built).

The Karavan faction, as played in game ARE expansionist extremists which is counter to everything my character believes in and I have to interpret and react to the actions of that group IC as well as OOC. In both cases I disapprove though for different reasons.

The Karavan themselves are also no better than the Kami, perhaps even slightly worse. Hidden, unnatural, polluting, sinister and from events and lore they are very much the 'bad guys' from my IC point of view.

Had the lore have any impact on your decision?

The lore has been somewhat 'fiddled with' since launch so you can't see everything that once was there, or the meaning of some of it has been subtly altered in places, but the progression of a character in game is organic anyway.

The main points from that lore that informed Jyudas' neutraility have been.

1. The state of the world - we're supposed to be rebuilding.
2. The GOOD lore relations between all the homin leaders.
3. The alliance between Kami, Karavan and Tryton required to see off and survive the Swarming.
4. That the Kitin are the greater enemy.
5. The relatively neutral stance of the Fyros (and Tryker - and their historical alliance).

Combine that with events, ESPECIALLY the Temple War and Jyudas' neutrality is now a pretty permanent fixture, barring some amazing revelation.
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