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Post List of emotee animations

Thanks to the new /emotee none command we now have the option to let our homins do more than just stand around idly... without clogging up everyones chat window with weird or sometimes inapropriate texts.

And while Ryzom has many, many different emotee texts, there are only 64 different emotee animations for your toon (unless Ive missed one or two while compiling them).

So for your locomotion pleasure here is the list of the different animations, and the most appropriate command (my call) that triggers them. I have divided the list in two: conversation emotees are more subtle, while drama emotees are more extravagant - sure to draw attention.

Asign a few of these - including the none command or an appropriate custom text - to your hotkeys, and let the fun begin

Anyone interested in the lists as a pdf or word document (its easier to read) are welcome to send me a pm.


Conversation Emotees

/angry threatens with one fist beside face
/ashamed shows empty hands, looks down, sad, shaking head
/disdainful cross arms, straightens up, looks superior
/doubtful step back, hand to chin, thoughtful, dismissive gesture
/frustrated looks down, kicks the dirt
/guilty shows empty hands, looks down
/lazy quickly strikes down arm, shakes head
/none shakes head, dismissive hand move

/bow bows
/calm show empty hands in a ´calm down´ gesture
/eager cross arms, taps feet impatiently
/firm straightens up, points towards the ground (demanding)
/indifferent leans forward, twists one hand back and forth
/righteous makes fist, waves index finger mildly scolding
/serious raises index finger in slightly scolding manner
/sorry raises hands in excusing gesture, tilts head
/surprised fists at hip, tilt head, nods lightly
/suspicious hand to chin, twists somewhat, looks thoughtful

/agree nods
/amused laughs, bends forward to catch breath
/ecstatic moderate applause
/interested hand to chin, thoughtful, nods, hand invite / accept gesture
/sincerely nods, gives thumbs up


Drama Emotees

/aggressive leans forward, looks threatening
/apathetic slowly sinks forward, looks exhausted,
/despaired covers face in hands, crying
/mocking points forward and laughs (not smiling)
/over arms back, then quickly forward in dismissive gesture (get over it!)
/petulant shakes arms frustrated / irritated, dismissive
/provocative points forward, blaming / threatening
/revengeful threatens with one fist in front of body
/scared quickly takes up hands up to protect face
/shifty rubs hands, looks scheming
/smack step back, raises right hand, ready to smack
/vengeful slide finger across throat, threatening
/wicked crumbles down, looking deranged / mocking?

/alert looks around, jump up and down waving arms
/burb farthing gesture
/careless sinks forward, looks exhausted, wipes hand across forehead
/casual crosses legs, arms behind neck, looking up
/clinical looks back, gestures someone forward with arm
/curious leans forward, moves from side to side, observing
/discreet sinks down, finger to lips (be quiet)
/drunk swaggers around, drunkenly or dizzy
/exercise bends knees, stretches
/hungry hand on stomach, bends forward, gesture to mouth
/point points forward
/pompous bends forward, walks a semicircle rabbit-style
/rice tosses something with one hand
/shocked takes hands up in surprised gesture, hands to cheeks, worried, shakes one hand
/shy bites finger, looks nervous
/silly points, taps side of head (stupid-gesture)
/sleepy leans forward, puts flat hands below cheek (sleepy)
/squeamish hand to stomach, other to mouth, bends forward about to womit
/thirsty raises a hand, leans backward, point to mouth

/cheer yells out, cheers, hands triumphant in the air
/dance dances – disco style
/dramatic dances – step style
/dutiful bends on one knee, fist to chest
/heroic strikes a heroic pose
/love fingers to lips, blows a kiss
/playful hides face behind hands, reveals it again
/praying flat hands against each other, praying, looks up

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