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The Confused and Lost Thread

The Beginners guide to Ryzom

Settle down Class...Today we are here to introduce the features of Ryzom to the new people.
Don't understand Roleplay ?, What is PvP ?, What is A Mektoub ?....

Let me start with a brief overview of our little world. The world is named ATYS....we live (and sometimes die) on the surface, and visit the underground (Primes Roots) where we die often.
Atys is BIG...and populated by four races of people known as HOMINS, each are indiginous to a particular region of Atys.
Conflict is religion based in two opposing factions, Karavan believers and Kami believers.

Now for a little more detail on Travel.....

Atys, it's BIG..not your normal big...but..."Jeez, 30 minutes to get to the next town!!!" Big. But do not fret because there are several ways to get around.

We have the marvel of modern technology with Teleport points...using them has a few rules that must be adhered to...first, you must actually visit the destination teleport before you can use it ???...can you imagine this system working outside Atys !!!.

Let me give an example, I arrive at the train station in Liverpool and approach the ticket seller....

"Good day sir, I wish to purchase a ticket to London",
"certainly sir, Have you visited London before ",
"Nope, it's my first trip there"
"Oh, I am sorry sir....I can't sell you a ticket to a place you have not visited, it's the rules you know"
"Oh, I understand.....sorry to waste your time.."
"Oh, before I go, I will still need my ticket to get back here won't I..better make that two in case I want to return Twice"
"certainly sir, that is two tickets to ....here, anything else I can help you with ?"
"No, Seems I better start walking then, Goodbye"

So...don't forget to buy your ticket that alllows you to return to your chosen Transport Point (TP).

Which brings us to the....Trek
No no no....it has nothing to do with William Shatner, (unless he is your trek buddy). It is the lovely form of travel we refer to as ...Trekking.
Or Sneaking (as practiced by that other king of the ring)....or......running for your life...with the purpose of reaching A teleport point.

And When you arrive you will have experienced the beautifull Fauna and Flora of Atys, and made new friends along the way.

I hope this little guide assists you in many of the memorable trips you will no doubt be taking through Atys.

Class is dismissed today, when we resume we will cover another aspect of Ryzom and I expect you to bring your own notepaper and pencil..and An apple for teacher is always welcome.


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