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Ryzom acronyms

This is a list of all acronyms that are specific to Ryzom, giving their definitions and where possible a short description. The acronyms are listed in alphabetic order, and the definitions are color-coded by category. Acronyms of guild names are not included in the main list, but there is a separate list for those down below.

As usage of acronyms can change over time, this list will be a constant work-in-progress. If you notice any acronyms missing, spot any mistakes, or just have a suggestion to make about anything on the list, please let me know and I will do my best to keep it updated.

Note to new players: If Ryzom is your first online game, you'll also encounter a whole range of acronyms that are general to online gaming. If it's your first online community entirely, you'll encounter even more acronyms that are general to online communication. Those are generally not included in the list below, it only has the acronyms that are unique to Ryzom.

The color code is:
Places, Titles, Items, Actions and skills, Attributes, Mobs & NPCs, RL stuff, General MMO acronyms and none of the former.


1H = 1-handed [1-handed melee weapons allow for a shield]
2H = 2-handed [2-handed weapons take up both hands]
AL = Autolauncher [ranged weapon]
Amp(s) = Magic Amplifiers [weapon, increases the power of spells]
AoD = Avatar of Destruction [title for level 250 elemental magic]
AoI = Abyss of Ichor [level 150-200 prime roots region]
AoS = Avatar of Sorrow [title for level 250 offensive affliction magic]
apt = appartment
aff/affy/affly = affliction [spell that weakens the target]
Ari(s) = Arispotle [the English server]
BB = Bounty Beaches [level 150-200 Lakelands region]
BQ = Basic Quality [equipment attribute, same as Low Quality]
cat(s) = experience catalyser(s) [crystal that increases experience gain]
CB = Crystabell [Tryker town] or Closed Beta
CC = Close Combat [skill with daggers and/or bare hands]
CG = Celestial Guardian [title for level 250 healing magic]
CoI = Cities of Intuition [level 0-50 jungle region]
con = concentration [add-on for spells] or constitution or "conning"
CP = careplan [forage action to 'heal' a source]
CSR = Customer Service Representative
DA = Defensive Affliction [magic skill]
dap(s) = dapper(s) [the currency on Atys]
DD = Dew Drops [level 50-100 lakelands region]
DoT = Damage over Time [type of elemental spell]
DP = Death Penalty [experience debt gained upon death]
Dura = Durability [equipment breaks if it's durability reaches 0]
Dmg = damage
EF = Elusive Forest [level 150-200 prime roots region]
EI = Enchanted Isle [level 150-200 lakelands region]
ele = elemental magic [magic skill]
EoA = Elder of Atys [title given to Beta players]
excel(s) = excelent quality materials [second-best quality materials]
FBT = Focus Beta Test
FD = Forbidden Depths [level 200-250 prime roots region]
FF = Flaming Forest [area in Scorched Corridor]
FG = Fleeting Garden [level 50-100 forest region]
FH = Fairhaven [Tryker capital]
FT = Frahar Towers [level 100-150 desert region]
GC = Guild Chat
GF = Gameforge [company formerly owning Ryzom]
GH = Guild Hall
GL = Guild Leader
GoC = Grove of Confusion [level 200-250 forest region]
GoO = Gate of Obscurity [level 100-150 prime roots region]
GoU = Grove of Umbra [level 150-200 jungle region]
GS = Green Seed [level 0-50 NPC tribe]
gz = gratz, congratulations
HA = Heavy Armor [armor with high protection and large penalty]
HC = Hoi-Cho [Zoraï town]
HH = Heretics Hovel [level 150-200 forest region]
HO = High Officer [rank below Guild Leader]
HoP = Haven of Purity [level 100-150 jungle region]
HP = Hit Points [health and durability are both measured in HP]
hpm = hits per minute [weapon speed is measured in hpm]
HS = Hidden Source [level 150-200 forest region]
HQ = High Quality [equipment attribute]
IA = ignore armor [action for pikes and spears]
inv = invulnerability [action] or invite
jab(s) = najab(s) [predator, popular hunting target]
JL = Jen-Lai [Zoraï town]
jug(s) = jugula(s) [predator, popular hunting target]
KoD = Knoll of Dissent [forest region] or Knot of Dementia [jungle region]
KA = Karavan Alliance or Kami Alliance [both alliances of guilds]
KL = Kitin Larva [very rare material]
KP = Kitin Patrol [groups of kitin formerly patrolling prime roots]
Ks = Kami and Karavan [the 'higher powers' on Atys]
KT = Kami Tolerance [attribute of forage sources]
LA = Light Armor [armor with low protection and no penalty]
LoU = Lands of Umbra [area spanning 4 prime roots regions]
LoC = Land of Continuity [level 200-250 prime roots region]
LQ = Low Quality [equipment attribute, same as Basic Quality]
MA = Medium Armor [armor with medium protection and small penalty]
mad(s) = madakam(s) [herbivore, popular hunting target]
mats = materials [materials are used to craft]
MC = Min-Cho [Zoraï town]
MG = Majestic Garden [forest region] or Maiden Grove [jungle region]
ML = Mind Lord [title for level 250 DA] or Main Land
MoI = Mage of Illusion, formerly Master of Illusion [title for level 200 DA]
MoL = Mage of Life, formerly Master of Life [title for level 200 healing magic]
MoP = Mage of Pain, formerly Master of Pain [title for level 200 elemental magic]
MoT = Mage of Torment, formerly Master of Torment [title for level 200 OA]
MPA = Melee Protection Aura or Magic Protection Aura
MQ = Medium Quality [equipment attribute]
OA = Offensive Affliction [magic skill]
OB = Open Beta
OC = Outlaw Canyon [level 150-200 desert region]
OO = Oflovak's Oasis [level 50-100 desert region]
OP(s) = Outpost(s) [structures that guilds can conquer] or Original Poster(s)
PF = Protection Factor [armor attribute]
plod(s) = ploderos [herbivore, popular hunting target]
PS = Paramount Stock [location in Void]
PR = Prime Roots [the underground regions]
PW = Please Wait or Password
Q(L) = Quality [attribute of all materials and equipment]
Q(L)150 = Quality 150 [quality goes from 0 to 250]
rez = resurrection [healing a fallen player back to life]
RoS = Ruins of Silan [beginner island region]
RW = Resting Water [level 100-150 lakelands region]
SC = Scorched Corridor [desert region] or Sunken City [prime roots region]
SoR = Saga of Ryzom [original name of the game]
SP = Skill Points [gained on level-up, used to 'buy' new actions]
Spd = Speed [weapon attribute] or Speed-up [action]
SS = Screenshot or Sap Slaves [NPC tribe] or Sacred Sap [NPC tribe]
sup(s) = supreme quality material(s) [highest quality materials]
SW = Spiderweb [company currently owning Ryzom]
ToT = Trench of Trials [level 150-200 prime roots region]
TP = Teleport Altar [sells Tickets] or Teleport Ticket [teleports you to Altar]
UB = Upper Bog [level 150-200 forest region]
US = Under Spring [level 200-250 prime roots region]
WoM = Winds of Muse [level 50-100 lakelands region]
Wow = wear out weapon [action that damages your weapon]
WL = Wastelands [area spanning 3 prime roots regions]
WM = Windermeer [Tryker town]
Yrk = Yrkanis [Matis capital]

Some guilds on this list may no longer be active, and not all guilds have an acronym. For the most recent list of guilds, including links to the guilds' own websites, see the Guilds forum.

AA = Aeden Artisans
AG = Atys Ghosts
BM = Ballistic Mystix
CV = Cara Via
DCP = Divine Council of Pyr
EoA = Eye of Atys / Elders of Atys / Elemental of Atys
Evo = Evolution
ExGS = Exodus (Gaming) Syndicate
GoJ = Guardians of Jena
HE = House Etchmarc
Inf = Infinity
LoA = Legion of Atys
MoM = Ministry of Mayhem
MoV = Merchants of Void
OOC = Out of Cavern
OotN = Order of the Nameless
OV = OmegaV
PF = Pegasus Foundation
RotD = Reapers of the Dark
RotS = Riders on the Storm
RRA = Red Ribbon Army
TPM = The Pyr Militia
TNE = The New Empire
TS = Team Spirit
VVV = Veni Vidi Vici
WoA = Whispers of Aria

Thanks to Gilga, Ani, Sasi, Nysha, Jez, Icenn, Sxar, Sherk, Keiko, Lex, and everyone else who helped set this up!

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