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Thursday 16 February 2012

Exclusive 3D Printed figure for Tsunacon 2012

Like I did last year, I've made an exclusive 3d printed figure for the 2012 edition of Tsunacon (http://www.tsunacon.nl/), a convention in the Netherlands. The figure is based on artwork made by Roos of Tsuna-chan, the Tsunacon mascot character. This year, instead of just one figure, we went with three variations. The figures were given away to the winners of each of the three competitions at the convention.

Check out http://www.figure.fm/post/en/36931/Exclusive+3d+printed+figu re+for+Tsunacon+2012.html for more pictures and additional information.


Smooth Full Color 3D Printing

First successful test piece for smooth FCS. More details in the thread on the Shapeways forums.


Wednesday 23 November 2011

Testing Shapeways' new Full Color Sandstone

Shapeways has recently updated the Full Color Sandstone process, to be more reliable and give more consistent colors. I had some samples printed, to compare them with the old FCS, and to run some tests on them. Close up, detail pictures, as well as several destruction videos, are available in the thread on the Shapeways forums.

If you're interested in having things like this modeled for you for 3d printing to your design, feel free to contact me.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Exclusive 3D Printed Figure for Tsunacon 2011

This is the exclusive figure I digitally 3d modeled for Tsunacon 2011, a manga/anime convention in the Netherlands, held last month on the 30th of January. The figure is of Tsuna-chan, the mascot character of the Tsunacon convention. It was printed by Shapeways on a ZCorp full color printer.


tsuna_left.png tsuna_right.png tsuna_back.png

It's based on the artwork of the Tsuna-chan winter version made by Roos:

Some of you might notice the overly obvious references to certain popular characters.

Shapeways infuses the ZCorp prints with XLAform to improve their strength. Unfortunately, at this moment, this process still causes some slight off-white yellowish tinting, depending on the size and shape of the item.

They interestingly included a misprint, that was not properly processed during the infusion, with the package, together with the reprint. It shows less off-white, but there's light spots on the surface. There's also a lot of the XLAform stuff visibly remaining in some places where it's more difficult for it to get out, as you can see in the following picture.

Figure on Thingiverse

A while ago, I made the first figure that I initially released on Shapeways available in bust format on Thingiverse. I was interested in seeing how different printers compare to each other on various details and features in the shape.

Here's some pictures of what people have made so far.

The first one was printed by TheRuttmeister on a MakerBot.

Another one printed on a MakerBot, but this time printed by Skimbal, upside down at double scale.
The top of the head shifted a bit for some reason or another, but otherwise it looks quite decent.

Avantime printed one on a commercial printer, the Envisiontec Ultra.
Those machines have some fine detail quality.

And Schorhr printed one on his new PP3DP. The print failed halfway.
He also made another smaller print on the same machine.

For those of you who want to try printing the full figure, it's available over at 3DMarvels.com, where you can also find an interesting selection of various other people's designs. The smaller bust version can also be ordered and downloaded from Shapeways, if you do not have a 3D printer, but want to see what it looks like 3D printed in real life. In the near or far future I will release a complete figure on Thingiverse as well, whenever it is that it is ready.

Saturday 19 February 2011

More keychains

More keychains in different shapes.
Available as co-creator template at Shapeways.

Tsunacon Keychain

Exclusive keychains I made for Tsunacon (a manga/anime convention in the Netherlands) of their mascot.
They were sold at the event, and will be sold at the Tsunacon stand on other related conventions in the Netherlands and Belgium as well.


Friday 24 December 2010

Santa Girl 3D Printed in Color

I printed out another figure. This one is printed by Shapeways as well (http://www.shapeways.com/model/190101/_santa_girl__figure__full_color_.html), in their "Full Color Sandstone" material (which is basically stuff printed by a ZCorp machine with some additional post processing for extra strength).

The result looks pretty decent, and the figure is quite heavy... It's about 16.5cm high.

I went a little overboard on shading in the texture (which I shouldn't really do, but it's just for testing purposes here), and this resulted in some black spots which seem to blend out quite a bit, so that's something I'll have to avoid, other than that the colors turned out roughly as I expected them to be.

Anyways, here are the pictures! :)

DSC01219.JPG DSC01223.JPG


Thursday 25 November 2010

Message from the future

So, last week I received a package that's dated next week. It contained a sample part from Stratasys printed on a Fortus machine. Looks pretty good and feels very strong as well.

fortus_letter.jpg fortus_back.jpg

"Stratasys Fortus Polycarbonate Material" sample part (3D Printing)

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Full Color 3D Print Color Palette

One problem with printing stuff in color using typical CMYK printing ink, is that it's often difficult to get the exact color you want. This color palette shows the color and grayscale range of the fullcolor prints offered by Shapeways. It contains a full hue gradient, to black, to gray and to white, as well as a black to white gradient, and the different base colors seperately. By scanning this color palette, and scanning another color on the same scanner settings, it should be possible to match the right color. The data available on the color palette should be enough to write a small piece of software that interpolates the entire color space in the print, and then get the required on-screen RGB for printing a specific scanned color in this material, which is something I'll work on in the near future.

colp_front.jpg colp_back.jpg

One thing that is somewhat noticable, is the slight yellowish-ness of the white color. Plotting the hue values on the hue side a bit, shows how yellow/green is very saturated, while inversely the printed cyan is not as saturated as the original onscreen cyan. Note that this plot is heavily dependent on scanner type and settings, so observations may vary.


If you want to see for yourself what the colors look like, you can get one too.

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