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Episodes, chapters, patches, events... The vocabulary can sometimes be a bit confusing. To help you keeping track of the changes we make to the game, and to allow you to understand the difference between the many additions, we have created the following roadmap. It shows the major changes and events, and gives you a glimpse of the future of the Saga of Ryzom.

You can get extra details by moving your mouse over the roadmap or by clicking on the different displayed items. You'll be lead to relevant announcements, forums posts or descriptions.


Move your mouse over the roadmap to get the descriptions.

You are here Chapter IV Kitin's Lair Ryzom Ring: Power to the Players The Broken Sword Non-negociable A Dark Plot Queen Lea Introducing Prince Stevano Rescue New Arrivals Ruins of Silan The Goo Gun The Tryker Election A Little Local Bother Stranded The Usual Suspects Requiem A new Treaty The Elias Mission We, the People Repercussions Destruction of the Dragon Cult Book of the Dragon Taking Desert Stock Outposts and Rumors The Order of the Ranger of Atys The Southgate Snatcher Chapter III Episode 2 Chapter II Chapter I Marauders The Ragus of War Advent of Jena 3 - The Ambassador's Waltz Advent of Jena 2 - The Gathering Storm Advent of Jena 1 - A Tangled Web Tear of the Kitin A Goo Thing Must Come to an End Call for Adventurers The Summoning Jena Commandments Zorai New Years Kitin invasion: New Ways Kitin invasion: Atys Invaded Kitin invasion: To the Nexus Gibbai/Cute invasion: And Old Conflict Renewed Frahar invasion: Sneaking Attack Kitin invasion: First Sightings
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