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by MoaVoa Creation Date : Monday,27 March , 2006

Chat Support

The chat support is accessible through the Klients software. Please note that there is one version per community.

Download the Klients Chat software:

» English community version (Arispotle & Cho)
» German community version (Leanon)
» French community version (Aniro)

How does it works?

This chat is subject to the policies described on this web site. We ask you to pay special attention to the language you use, as well as to avoid using capital letters.
The support team (CSR) is ready to help you:
- Names with a « @ » are Game Masters and Senior Game Masters.
- Names with a « G » are Guides and Senior Guides.

Useful commands:

.tell [name] [message] : to contact a person.
.away : to switch your available/away status.

Email Support

The email support uses a system called Ticket System. Here you can ask for support or report problem.


» English community version (Arispotle & Cho)
» German community version (Leanon)
» French community version (Aniro)


Web Support (prefer this one!)

You can get online support in the Forums, and find useful game informations on this web site.

In Game Support

How to get in-game support:

1. Click on the "Support" button.


2. Select the topic of your request.

Customer support interface: list of topics.

3. Write your text and send it.

If you have a concern with a CSR.

If you encounter any problem or issue with a Customer Support Representative (CSR), please email us all the details at [email protected]. Although you will not receive any replies, all emails will be fully investigated at Nevrax by the internal CS team.

i have a problem

Posted by 132name at Sunday,05 November , 2006 at 07:37 UTC

my problem is, well when i try to play ryzom. it has this logo thingy, then it says "Can't create a window display (1024x768 32 bit)" i have tryed swichting my comp screen to 1024 by 768 but it still will not work. help me please?

About window display

Posted by Marjo at Monday,06 November , 2006 at 19:37 UTC

Have a look at this thread on the technical forum for this matter:

If it still doesn't work afterwards, ask your question directly in the technical forum (same link as above). Log into the forum with your game login and password to be able to post:

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