The Saga of Ryzom is a wholly original MMORPG fusing science fiction and fantasy. Ryzom Ring (R²), Ryzom's first and free expansion, evolves the Saga introducing the first ever MMO scenario editor!



Planet Atys is a living world, with five rich and diverse ecosystems. A powerful AI technology makes flora and fauna interact dynamically with each other and the ever-changing environment. 


Choose and fully customize a character from any of the four races of Atys. The skill-based action tree then allows gain experience in fighting, magic, crafting and/or foraging as well as customizing your own spells and special attacks (thousands of possible combinations!). 


Your actions influence the story arc. Large-scale events are organized around players' wishes to provide more entertainment. 

Consensual PvP

Different types of PvP combat coexist in The Saga of Ryzom, and - since not everyone likes PvP - you can choose whether or not to get involved. If you are looking to engage in players combats, the game offers various possibilities: Duels, GvG, FvF and full PvP. 


Available in English, French and German, The Saga of Ryzom enjoys a friendly and mature community. Ensuring good communication between players and developers is a key priority, so both can work hand in hand

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Monday,17 September , 2007 at 18:00 UTC

And one more year for the young lady that is Atys! Yesterday, September 16th was a day filled with treks, games, and fireworks courtesy of your CSR team. We hope that you all had a fun and entertaining celebration.

Here's a few words from your CSR Team:

"The Arispotle CSR team kicked off the anniversary celebration of Ryzom at 0001 hours GMT with spontaneous fireworks and greeting players.

Although the actual celebration of Arispotle was scheduled for 8PM GMT, the team split up and conducted many fun events prior to the main celebration. For Silan these events included find Avenna's lost mektoub, scavenger hunt, PvP last him standing event in arena, trivia quizes and two special events team run events the Jena Commandments, and the revelations of Ma-Duk. The Mainland events included Mektoub Races, hunt down GM Daestny, Trivia quiz, last Homin standing PvP event in the Matis arena.

The actual event in Almati Wood was attended by an estimated 200+ Homins. We started with opening remarks by SGM Androbia followed by a long fireworks display. GM Daestny gave a rendition of “a tale of reconciliation” to set the tone for peace and cooperation among the players. As soon as that was over we did Trivia quiz in Almati Wood and Silan. Almati events then continued with “Choose The CSR” and scavenger hunt. After about one hour was conducted the happy wedding of Niobe and Pryath, and festivities continued. :)

Post celebration activities continued at a rapid pace until about 0330-0400 GMT on the 17th, with extra attention paid to Silan young Homins. We want to thank everyone for attending the celebration with such a cheerful mood. Thank you for these unforgettable moments!"

Find more screenshots here:
Arispotle -
Aniro -
Aniro -
Leanon -

And videos:
Arispotle -
Aniro -
Leanon -

Wednesday,08 August , 2007 at 18:30 UTC

We will apply a client-side patch tomorrow Thursday morning at 8am GMT. This means we won't close the shards; if you were already logged in before 8am, you will simply need to logout and relog to patch your client.

This small patch will include the fix for the Outpost Squads, which will allow you to select Squads of your choice again as well as their location, and it will also include a temporary change of the loot messages location you get when teamed.

These messages will be floating messages at the bottom of your screen and won't be displayed in your System Info window anymore. This will prevent you from being "flooded" but still preserve a way to see the information, while we prepare a system of filters to allow you to display only what you want, as explained here.

Friday,20 July , 2007 at 14:20 UTC

The news you're all waiting for is here! We will patch the live shards next Monday, the 23rd of July. As a result, we will close the shards from 8am to 12pm GMT.

This patch contains what you've helped us to test on the ATS these last weeks. The main things:
  • Your Stamina consumption will depend on weapon's weight.
  • Fame and female titles will be added and some existing ones will be modified.
  • In Tagged PvP, you won't be kicked out of your team anymore.
  • The Outposts ban option will let you ban from one side only. Attacker will only ban from the attacker side, defender will only ban from the defender side. Of course a player/guild could be banned by both the attacker and the defender.
  • You'll notice some ergonomic improvements, find the list here.
  • Your sap crystals will stack.
  • The target option in compass will behave better. The default zoom will be set at 50m and not 25m.
  • The very first steps on the Ruins of Silan will be a little easier, thanks to Chiang and other key Rangers explaining better where things are.
  • The list of your missions will be reversed in your journal.

We want to thank you for all your feedback from ATS, which tremendously helped us for this patch and also for the melee and range weapon patches to come. :)

[UPDATE - July 25, 4pm GMT] We're closing the live servers to retro-patch the game to patch 619, as explained here.

[UPDATE - August 6, 3pm GMT] The game servers will be closed for patching tomorrow, Tuesday 7th, from 7.30am GMT until approximately 9am GMT. This is to apply the features from patch 633 (listed above) with the addition of some fixes for the server instability problems.

Friday,06 July , 2007 at 13:00 UTC

Good news today to keep you busy during these rainy days: we've just added onto the ATS (Advanced Test Server) elements that we plan to patch live soon. Don't miss this occasion to help us improve them!

What's on the ATS

  • Important feature concerning melee users: your consumption of Stamina will depend on the weight of your weapon.
    It is important for us to get your feedback on this point as this will most likely change your fighting habits. The goal of this change is to make the melee fights more interesting and to give a meaning to the "weight" statistic of weapons. Crafters are welcome to try new recipes to provide different kind of weapons and help testing combat. [ Leave feedback on Weight/Stamina ]
  • You will find the ergonomic improvements listed here.
  • You will be able to choose to have your camera recenter automatically or not.
  • The rule will change when using healing actions in PvP; you shouldn't be kicked out of team anymore. Read more here.
  • You sap crystals will stack.
  • You may receive one or two new titles related to your allegiances.
  • You will notice female homins have female titles.
  • Some titles will be changed according to your feedback on the document published here.
  • RoS: Chiang the Strong will be less chatty and will only welcome you. A female Zoraï will be the NPC giving directions inside the Rangers camp and information about Homins and Factions. Thanks to her, refugees won't be lost anymore.
  • A deactivable pop-up will appear when you "die" to explain how it works. [ Leave feedback on these points ]

Note: in this ATS version only the French version is complete; if you play in English or German, you will see most of the new texts in French.

How to go to the ATS

The ATS is open to all our Ryzom subscribers. You will find there a save of your characters from April 2007. Make a copy of your entire "Ryzom" folder, rename it "Ryzom ATS" to avoid any confusion and replace the "client.cfg" file of your "Ryzom ATS" folder with this one.

To go to the ATS, simply double-click on the file "client_ryzom_rd.exe" in your Ryzom ATS folder and log in with your usual login.
Note: you will have to create a new character on the ATS if you started playing Ryzom after April.

Thursday,21 June , 2007 at 17:30 UTC

Once upon a time... a proposition of improving skill titles was made. The good news is that we're now having a look at them again and have prepared below an updated list of changes. :)

We compiled your feedback that followed our first proposition (read the news here). We invite you to read carefully this updated spreadsheet where we listed changing titles in green and yellow, and unchanged titles in white. This file can be read with Open Office, Microsoft Excel or other Excel file viewers.

You are free to propose titles that you think fit better. We will add the proposed changes into the upcoming patch except titles you clearly reject. Note that a few titles can only be changed all together to keep consistency, like the 250 melee titles or 201 magic titles, in which case we will change everything or nothing depending on your feedback.

This proposition is to be seen as the first step towards titles improvement. To make the change more interesting, we plan on adding a female version of the titles in the same time, as the piece of code needed for it is now ready.
Then later (understand several months), we may differentiate more accurately the crafting titles so that you get a title for each craft sub-branch. And lastly, we would add titles that you get only after finishing several skill branches (such as "archmage" if you got every magic skills at level 250). For these two steps you will be consulted again.

Please post your feedback here.

Wednesday,06 June , 2007 at 13:55 UTC

From Thursday the 7th to Thursday the 21st of June, the highest level you can reach while playing for free in the Ruins of Silan will be raised from 21 to 30. This will make it possible to complete all of the missions of the starter island and collect all of the cool gear available!

From June 21st, the limit will be brought back down to 21. Any characters who have reached a level higher than 21 by June 21st will keep their level but won't be able to progress further without upgrading to a paying account.

Note: The level limits will be changed at 8am GMT.

Click here to install the game then here to create a free account. To upgrade a Free Trial account to a paying account you'll need to log in here.

Monday,04 June , 2007 at 17:21 UTC

Find here two cool player-made videos about Atys and its inhabitants!
"Wayfarer" is a walk through the world and a look on Atysian life, while "Tournoi" (tournament) shows one of the favourite activities of Homins including the last match to decide on the new champion.

Cheers to Ema from Arispotle and Ludminya from Aniro for these wonderful videos. :)

Wayfarer, by Ema  Tournoi, by Ludminya
Click on thumbnails to download from our forums

Wednesday,30 May , 2007 at 15:00 UTC

We've just added into the "now in test" section of the site some new things being tested in house at the moment.
On the menu today we have:

We've opened a feedback thread here if you wish to post a comment related to these items.
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