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Ryzom Ring - Presentation

by Xavier Antoviaque Creation Date : Tuesday,22 August , 2006
Contributors: seido

Ryzom Ring takes Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Play to a new level. Experience the power and freedom to design and play out your own scenarios for the first time ever in a persistent online world.

Welcome to the Ring!

Ryzom Ring (R²) allows you to create your own Adventures on Atys. By travelling in the world of Atys you will open up access to more and more landscapes and NPCs to use in your own adventures, culminating in Ryzom's entire plethoric bestiary and a huge number of different terrains across all of the different ecosystems and environments of Atys. In just a few clicks you will be able to layout the scenery and NPCs of a new scenario and to open it up to your fellow players. Join the community and enjoy the player-made adventures or develop a taste for playing god as an Adventure Master ("AM")!

Creating Scenarios

The R² editor tools are both rich and childishly easy to use. While the complete newcomer can have a scenario of their own up and running within just a few minutes, the experienced designer will find all the depth they could hope for. The possibilities are endless, from creating quests, traps and puzzles for the players to completely autonomous set pieces with NPCs acting out the roles that they have been given.

1) A player's perspective

Totally integrated into the game client, the R² editor allows you to build up scenes from the player's perspective. Objects and characters can be dropped onto the terrain, moved about and turned around with a simple move of the mouse, giving a truly WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") experience.
A useful 'test' feature also allows you to switch backwards and forwards between the editor and a special preview mode, letting you verify the way that the scenario will run as you work.

Place a NPC in one click NPC customisation

2) Macro Components

A unique system of "Macro Components" allows you to create scenarios even faster and more easily. Pre-prepared sets of scenery objects and NPCs complete with behaviour parameters, such as a bandit camp or fauna system, can be dragged into the scene from the palette ready to go.

Fauna system  

3) Quest Design

Ryzom Ring gives you the ability to create your own quests, from the basic "give item" task to the elaborate adventures in which Homins will confront dangers across many lands. A system of triggers enables you to add logic in your scenarios, to elaborate tricky enigmas, to trigger epic battles against Kitins after a series of actions... Let your imagination run wild! You can also create special quest items that players will receive from NPCs or find in treasure chests.

Playing Ring Adventures

"Adventures" are player-made scenarios running on temporary maps. Anyone can launch a new instance of an adventure and decide who to invite in and whether to advertise for other players. Ring terminals installed in key locations around Atys will allow you to browse through the lists of scenarios to which you have been invited and those advertising for new recruits, to contact their owners and to join in.

Ring Teleporter

R² introduces the concepts of "Mastered" and "Masterless" adventures. As the scenario owner in a Mastered adventure, you get to play the invisible "Adventure Master" (AM): Take control of creatures, put words into the mouths of any NPC in real time to make them talk with players, spawn or kill enemies in order to balance difficulty, start triggers at will... In short, play god!  As the scenario owner in a Masterless adventure, you will play with your avatar alongside the other players, participating in the adventure with them. In either case the scenario owner can invite or kick others from the adventure at any time.


Posted by antioche at Friday,15 September , 2006 at 19:04 UTC

Oh at long last the player's will have the power to create their own content in an mmorpg! :)

works on trial?

Posted by zenzar22 at Tuesday,26 September , 2006 at 05:09 UTC

is this for thos who is paying or can thos who is on trial test it to?

You can test

Posted by Marjo at Monday,02 October , 2006 at 10:23 UTC

With a Free Trial, you are able to try all the creation tools of the Ring with a basic set of low level creatures and maps. For now, you are not allowed to play your own adventure with others (even though you can test it alone) nor participate in other players' adventures.

Wheres the FAQ for this?

Posted by kix2004 at Sunday,01 October , 2006 at 20:18 UTC

Do players get exp for fighting mobs in the senerios? If so what stops them from setting up the senerio to get easy exp? What stops players from making quests easy so they can get the treasures easy? If a player comes up with a really good senerio or design will it be added to the game? I personally feel that if someone comes up with a really good design it should be added to the live servers because the bigger the world the more options you give the players.

No special FAQ yet

Posted by Marjo at Tuesday,03 October , 2006 at 17:40 UTC

> Do players get exp for fighting mobs in the scenarios?
You don't get XP from mobs in a Ring adventure. We disabled the option to avoid getting easy XP and having scenarios of monster bashing. However we will reward players editing and playing adventures with consumables such as XP crystals (consumables that double the XP you gain).

> What stops players from making quests easy so they can get the treasures easy?
Regarding "treasures", for now the only ones you receive are mission items that the author will have created for his scenario. You don't keep them after a Ring adventure, there is no point.
We have some plans in mind to give the author the ability to put his own items from the mainland as rewards.

> If a player comes up with a really good senerio or design will it be added to the game?
Yes, we plan to "add" really good scenarios. in fact, from the way it works I could maybe say "distribute". A good scenario would be added to our list of scenarios available for all: any player would have access to it from his computer and could "activate" it on the terminal so that anyone could go into it and play.

what are some tips to make a really good scenery?

Posted by lizarddd at Friday,06 October , 2006 at 21:35 UTC

how do i make a really good scenery?  I'm trying to make it find of hard but not to hard and easy but not to easy lol.

I did it, Idid it!

Posted by kiteane at Tuesday,17 October , 2006 at 01:29 UTC

I didn't know what the EDITOR button was for. So I clicked it. And I was in this editing screen. I thought it was an offline editor for my character. But then I was able to create an island, and monsters and fauna and characters. Then I realized it was the Ring.

The framerate was really high becasue I was the only player, but I managed to create me first little game scenerio. Sort of.

Since I'm still playing on the Trial Island I couldn't ring my Ringa Game online, but when i get my credit carsd paid down I'll start a subscription and share "Baghua Nauhs - The Death Package" with all of you.

hey thx

Posted by samlee at Saturday,11 November , 2006 at 23:32 UTC

you awnsered my question.

help me please

Posted by link9912 at Tuesday,14 November , 2006 at 05:13 UTC

ive down loaded every thing but i cant lanch the game plez tell me how


Posted by seido at Tuesday,14 November , 2006 at 11:50 UTC

If you don't find the solution in the FAQ, or if you have an error message while trying to connect, feel free to contact our support team.

You can also post your questions on our technical forum.

mmo editor

Posted by dmndrag at Tuesday,05 December , 2006 at 11:37 UTC

i have looked all over. the site. how and where do i download the editor.

Editor is part of the game

Posted by rasmus at Tuesday,05 December , 2006 at 19:22 UTC

The "editor" (aka Ryzom Ring) is part of the game.

At the character selection screen you have a choice to load into Ring instead of the Live game.


i have problem

Posted by vildo at Wednesday,03 January , 2007 at 20:55 UTC

i want go in the editor but theres come error... help me!

Re: i have a problem

Posted by bluefve at Sunday,07 January , 2007 at 07:22 UTC

Listen to what Seido (the second blue box) said.

If you are experiencing a problem, go to the tech support forums or submit an ingame help ticket.

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