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Higher Powers

by MoaVoa Creation Date : Tuesday,14 March , 2006

Two groups as powerful and mysterious as one another seek to control the destiny of Atys.
Both possess unique powers, both claim to be the true guardians of the planet.
Both come to the aid of homins as long as they obey their rules.
Both are secretive about their origins and perhaps even their true intentions.
For centuries now, they have followed different paths, observing one another without confrontation. Their protection is vital during your journey on Atys whereas their anger could prove deadly.
Choose carefully then, the side you wish to join.

» The Kami
Strange and eerie entities capable of taking on various appearances, the Kamis constitute a major influence on Atys and its habitants. They stand vigil over the plant kingdom and ensure that no one may destabilize the fragile equilibrium of the planet they cherish. They share a collective conscience and it would seem that no living species may escape their perception, and consequently, their wrath if their laws of conservation are transgressed.
Like the Karavan, the Kamis travel freely through the lands of Atys keeping endless watch and endeavoring to make pacts with laudable homins in exchange for deeds done.

» The Karavan
The Karavan is composed of mysterious anthropoid beings in black suits and helmets that cover their entire heads. With the exception of the Prime Roots, the Karavan is present throughout Atys. Indeed, the homins have never yet explored an area where Karavan presence is not felt. The members of the Karavan live in great metallic vehicles and use weapons of technology as yet unknown to hominkind. The homins mostly hold them in awe.


Posted by thel0rax at Sunday,12 November , 2006 at 19:59 UTC

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