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Atys History

by MoaVoa Creation Date : Monday,27 February , 2006

Atys, year 2525. The plant-life of the planet is being ravaged by the Goo, a destructive, recycling agent which spreads unchecked. The four Homin races, massacred three generations earlier by armies of giant insects, are attempting to reconstruct their civilizations. Two rival factions who claim to watch over Atys, the Kami and the Karavan, offer their assistance to the four homin races.
Members of the Karavan claim to be the messengers of the goddess Jena and use technology that is as yet unknown on Atys. The Kamis are mysterious creatures who possess great magical powers. The Fyros, Matis, Trykers and Zoraïs must choose their side. Will they be able to find the right path to lead them to the lost secrets of their ancestors? Will they manage to save Atys from the scourge that blights the land? And who will decide the destiny of the planet?

» Overview
Far across the universe there was a great fusion of matter, and a unique world came into being. Atys, the green planet, was born. The Life Giver then heaved the planet's crust in spasms until the first breath was wrenched from her bosom in a throbbing burst of energy. Seeds of existence were sown on the wind...

» First appearance of Homins on Atys
To this day, nobody has managed to shed light on the mystery surrounding the arrival of homins on the planet of Atys. A legend nonetheless has been passed on through the ages and this legend is the key to discovering the secret behind the origins of Atys...

» The new beginning
Up until the dark days of the exile, the homin peoples had always lived separately. The collapse brought them together. The refugees of the Prime Roots had no other choice but to learn to tolerate one another and live together. They made ready their return to the surface and declared the Edict of the Four Peoples...

» Timeline

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