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The Sirens of Atys Comic Book (1/4)

Another chapter is written in the Sirens of Atys saga. Trixie Seiren continues to venture the great lands of Atys in search of the secrets behind the Seiren bloodline. Will she discover the missing chests hidden by the Sirens predecessors? Can she protect the Seiren knowledge cubes from their arch nemesis? Don't miss an issue and join Trixie's adventurous journey. Who knows, you may very well be a guest appearance on the next publication.

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The Sirens of Atys (2/4) - The New Beginning

Another chapter is written in the Sirens of Atys saga. Will Trixie acquire the amber needed for the Siren's Chest of Wisdom, and can she and her friends survive the Kitin menace in the bowels of Atys?

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