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The Flanagan Files

by MoaVoa Creation Date : Monday,27 March , 2006

By Flanagan, a Tryker.

Karavan is composed of mysterious anthropoid beings in black suits and helmets that cover their entire heads. With the exception of the Prime Roots, the Karavan is present throughout Atys. Indeed, the homins have never yet explored an area where Karavan presence is not felt. The members of the Karavan live in great metallic vehicles and use weapons of technology as yet unknown to hominkind. The homins mostly hold them in awe.

Their organization:
- The guides help their allies in their research. They can tell them how to find the Karavan teleporter, for example.
- The guardians are the soldiers of the Karavan.
- The teleporters are responsible for helping homins travel around Atys.
- The welcomers provide a welcome for willing homins and give them small missions to complete.
- The ambassadors are the representatives of the Karavan among all the tribes of Atys.
- The officers give out the most important missions, the rites.
- The commanders are the Karavan leaders.

- Maintain and develop the worship of Jena in preparation for her return
- Protect and conserve the planet against the Goo.
- Consolidate and extend their influence over homins
- Oppose the Kamis and prevent the worship of Elias Tryton from spreading
- Guard the secret of their origin and that of their technology from destructive hands

Destabilizing factors:
- Kamis represent serious rivals. Not only do they rally many homins to their cause to the detriment of the Karavan, but they are also resistant to the latter's technology. The Kamis also prevent them from setting up base camps on Atys.
- The Goo is a blight on the face of the planet and threatens to weaken natural resources.
- Elias Tryton, who first appeared during the darkest hours of the Kitin invasion, could well turn many homins away from the Jena faith.
- Homin curiosity about the past. This leads many homins to doubt the pillars of the Karavan and was the reason behind major disasters, such as the fire of Coriolis and the war against the kitins.

The myth:
The homins lived on an impoverished planet until the Great Dragon, the prince of darkness, came and seduced them with visions of crystal waters and a land of plenty. After leading them to Atys, the Dragon endeavored to extinguish the sunlight there and in the cold and dark reduce the homins to slavery. But Jena, Goddess of the sun, creator of Atys, got wind of the dragon's plans and filled his body with eternal fire to prevent him breathing coldness and extinguishing the living light. The Goddess then conjured the light anew so provoking the Green Rising so that the homins could live again in harmony in a bountiful world. Jena sent in her disciples, the Karavan Guardians, to establish the homins in different parts of the planet so that each race would have a role in its conservation. Ever since, faithful homins have learnt to express their gratitude in worship to Jena and with offerings via her disciples. As for the Dragon, he took refuge in the dark bowels of Atys where he now slumbers. The homins are forbidden to descend underground in quest of the dragon's lair for fear of stirring its wrath.

The Prophecy:
Before the Great Dragon dies he will rise again to expulse all the fire from his body so causing the end of Atys. Those remaining faithful to the teachings of Jena and residing on the surface of Atys shall be rescued and shepherded to a new world of plenty.

What they promise their loyal friends:
In exchange for their loyalty, homins can make use of the Karavan powers of teleportation and resurrection. In the past the Karavan taught homins the technology and science that enabled the construction of their civilizations. The Karavan also promise to protect the homins in the event of any new disaster on Atys, but they will show no mercy to the infidel.

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