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The Kami

by MoaVoa Creation Date : Tuesday,14 March , 2006

General description

Strange and eerie entities capable of taking on various appearances, the Kamis constitute a major influence on Atys and its habitants They stand vigil over the plant kingdom and ensure that no one may destabilize the fragile equilibrium of the planet they cherish.

They share a collective conscience and it would seem that no living species may escape their perception, and consequently, their wrath if their laws of conservation are transgressed.

Like the Karavan, the Kamis travel freely through the lands of Atys keeping endless watch and endeavoring to make pacts with laudable homins in exchange for deeds done.

Declaration to the homins

We are an integral part of the great design of Ma-Duk, the Life Giver that created Atys. We stand vigil over her natural resources to preserve the fragile balance, so that all homins may attain enlightenment in Kamihood one day.

Remember, your destiny is linked to the life of Atys, homin, and not to the false prophecy of the Karavan. They are foreigners here, invading creatures come from afar to steal our resources, they care not a bit for the welfare of Atys.

I, like you, was born on Atys, together we must cherish it and keep it from danger. By clearing away the goo you will gain merit to enter the pathway to the eternal bliss of Ma-Duk. In return for your deeds of merit we will offer you pacts to restore your life energy, and to teleport through the corridors of time.

For the life of our planet, for the spirit of your people, give praise to the Life Giver, choose the pathway to the eternal bliss of Ma-Duk!


Conceptual design

Related content

The Kami Alliance

Posted by kaetemi at Monday,12 June , 2006 at 21:30 UTC

The Kami Alliance

A real Kami alliance has been created to bring together the guilds who want to help each other and fight for the Kami against the Kitin, Karavan, Evil NPCs, Goo and anything else that destroys the life on Atys.

The Kami Alliance is a representation of the Kami-side guilds. The goals are easier communication between our guilds, so defences and attacks can be better planned, and so materials, crystals, equipment, outposts, etc. can be given, traded or sold to the Kami guilds who need it. Attacking or just defending outposts is the choice of the guilds themselves, and you are free to defend or attack whoever you wish to. On the private forums are already some (still incomplete) guidelines that Kami guilds should follow (like what to do when someone attacks own faction). These goals and guidelines can be ignored if a guild wishes to do so, but can also change at any time, depending on how the Kami people here want to play.

Any Kami guild leader that wants to be able to give his guild members access to the forums by himself can contact me ingame (/tell Kaetemi).

More information can be found here. Karavan people are only allowed to read the Public parts of those forums ;) Kami guild members who register will get access to the private parts if your guild leader has registered the guild, or if you send me a /tell ingame.

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