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Atys The Green Planet

by MoaVoa Creation Date : Tuesday,14 March , 2006

Atys, planet of enchantment steeped in legend and mystery!

Its marvels are equaled only by its dangers. Among its forests, lakes and deserts, you will discover both magical places and the face of death itself. Begin your journey of conquest in this fantastic Eden and always keep the legend in mind, Homins: a fertile land will quickly fall into ruin if none step forward to protect it.

lore_atys_eco.jpg» The ecosystems
Travel through Atys and gather information on the flora & fauna as well as the main towns and different ecosystems.

» The beasts
A homin should look before he leaps. Be sure to identify your prey before setting off to hunt.

» The tribes
In the course of your travels, you will come across primitive tribes and homins. Better to know exactly who you're dealing with to avoid a nasty surprise.

» The goo
The goo is a mysterious form of pollution that seems to be consuming Atys. The Kamis are actively trying to resolve the problem. For now, the Goo continues to expand...

the goo

Posted by bluwave at Sunday,05 November , 2006 at 06:57 UTC

does anyone know anything good about the goo.

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